Meow everybody, we are ‘NEKO RIKU’.

Meow everybody, 

we are NEKO RIKU.

Collection of 9,999 unique fluffy and spiritual cats.

Neko Riku are Japanese words that means – CAT LAND

Our main goal is to give all the abandoned, stray Cats and Kittens:

🐱Complete veterinary examination  🐱Medication  🐱Vaccinations

🐱 Parasite Control  🐱Dental Care 

🐱Grooming  🐱Spaying / Neutering

🐱Food and Treats  🐱Litter Box 

🐱Providing a warm and cozy home







According to traditions, NEKO is a lucky charm, it attracts fortune to one who holds it

NEKO RIKU Metaverse

In the foreseeable future when

we will live our life at the Metaverse.

Create our own Avatars, Buy digital real estate, Develope and build our own houses and business.

Neko Riku is the 1st asset you want to own:

Livelihood and constant traffic for business.

Making connections with various Avatars.

Develpoing a healthy social life.

Gain future Profit – Your success will increase your Neko Value.

Neko Riku Lottery

Each owner of more than one Neko Riku NFT’s will be a participant

in the raffle to be rewarded  with  1 of 99 special eddition handmade

and extremley rare Neko Riku. 


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Raise the paw

Join our cats and kitten family on social media.
Become a true Neko Riku member on Discord, Twitter or Instagram. 

Will be raffling 10 rare Neko Riku NFT’s on each platform that reach 30,000 members.

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Grooming and being Groomed

NekoRiku owners will be rewarded for being part of our cats and kitten family. 33.3% of the second-market royalties will be dedicated to continuity of saving abandoned, stray Cats and Kittens.

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Scratching and clawing

It is time to move the paw. 50 extremly rare Neko Riku GIFs with moving paw. Will be for sale for only 24 hours. Each Neko Riku GIF is handmade and one of a kind.

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Cats love to cuddle up with their owners

Special NekoRiku Lottery Event !
Owners of more than 2 NekoRiku NFT’s will be eligible to win a special edition Neko.

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Neko Riku - 9 lifes 1 world

There will be no more cats on the streets

Our overarching goal is to to take care of all abandoned, stray Cats and Kittens of the world.
We know that this project will help tens of thousands Cats around the world by supporting this project and with help of our amazing collaborations with companies and individuals who share our worldview we can reach and aid cats worldwide and find for them their forever home. 

Thanks to the community second sales royalties we will be able to continue purrrrsuing this amazing goal and keep cats off the streets!


The Public sale starts on January 2nd, 2022, at 2 PM EST.

Neko Riku are sold at 0.2 ETH.

You can mint extremely rare NekoRiku NFT

That were automatically more valuable.

Just like getting a joker in a deck of cards.

3,000 of our early supporters will be whitelisted.

This means that 24 hours before the Public Sale, they will have

Exclusive access to mint with low value of 0.2 ETH.

  • Use it as spiritual object at home or workplace in the Metaverse.
  • Be proud at social media that you saved one kitten life.
  • Resell your Neko Riku for profit.

Yes, 33.3% of the second-market royalties will be dedicated to continuity of saving abandoned, stray Cats and Kittens. To make sure that we will continue to support Cats forever.

YES, When you are minting your Neko Riku you own it.

this is means you can use this asset to generate profits in additional markets and royalties.



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Super Marketing Man


The Art Director